Restaurants Turn to the Barter System; Sam Adams Strong Beer Banned in 13 States

Sara Lee is closing a plant in Greenville, S.C. after losing an unnamed customer for its frozen dough products. Some 200 workers will lose their jobs when the plant closes. [CNNMoney/DowJones]

After a big meal, Peter Meehan swears by Underberg, a natural herb bitters from Germany. Sold in a single-serving size, it promises to ease an overstuffed belly. But it's "not to be sipped," according to the bottle, which would be difficult anyway due to the pungent flavor. [NY Times]

In these tough economic times, restaurants are relying on the barter system. Restaurateurs are swapping food for services like oven-hood cleaning and pest control, a practice that also attracts new customers when tradespeople bring friends along. [Wall Street Journal]

Samuel Adams' super-strong beer, Utopias, is banned in 13 states. At $150 per bottle and 27 percent alcohol, it proclaims itself the highest alcohol content beer on the market. Local strong beer lovers need not worry -- it's legal in New York. [NY Daily News]

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