Restos Return from Summer Vacation; Wendy's Redesigns Its Signature Burger

A Staten Island couple stole some $2.5 million meant for healthy meals for preschoolers by skimming money over five years from accounts at the nonprofit Red Apple Child Development Center. [NY Times]

A roundup of cooking classes in the city includes pasta making at the Brooklyn Kitchen, beer brewing at Bitter & Esters, and macarons at Dessert Truck Works. [NY Post]

A look at Le Bernardin, the new bar at 21 Club, and a few other restos that got a little work done over the summer vacation. [NY Post]

News flash: The playlands at fast-food chains are rife with germs. Another newsflash: Germs are everywhere and won't necessarily harm you. [NY Times]

Faced with stiff competition from other burger chains, Wendy's redesigned its signature burger, Dave's Hot 'N Juicy. Here's how they did it. [USA Today]

The bintje potato, from Belgium, fed the nation through two world wars. Now, as people demand a longer, smoother tuber, the short, knobby spud is in danger. [Wall Street Journal]

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