RIP Cavalier Restaurant: Another Day, Another Greedy Landlord

Another casualty of greed.
Another casualty of greed.
Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times

Some sad news from Jackson Heights: The Cavalier, a restaurant-bar that's been a neighborhood fixture since 1950, is closing its doors on Sunday. The reason? The rent.

The Times reports that the restaurant, which has long served as a gathering spot for the community and counted Louis Armstrong as a patron, is closing thanks to a new landlord who came in and doubled the rent. The Cavalier's owner, Alphonso Lodano, who's operated the restaurant with his wife and daughter since the early 1970s, has posted a very poignant letter announcing the restaurant's closure on a Jackson Heights community board. In his letter he excoriates "the greed and insensitivity of developers, realtors and landlords" and invites everyone to come to the restaurant on its final day of business, when it will host a free buffet during the Super Bowl's half-time.

[Via Grub Street]

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