Roaming Acres Ostrich Farm Faces More Trouble

Todd Appelbaum, owner of Roaming Acres in Andover, New Jersey, the only ostrich farm in the greater New York area, has had a difficult year. Poor weather in early spring caused his hens to hold back from laying eggs right away -- ostriches prefer to lay eggs when the sun is shining -- costing him $150,000. Now, he is losing the lease on his land.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Appelbaum may have to shut down his business if he can't find a new place to house his 300-strong flock. Apparently, big birds aren't the best neighbors -- nearby residents have complained about damages inflicted by the ostriches. Tri-Farms, Roaming Acres' landlord, decided it wouldn't renew its lease, which expires at the end of September.

Have a couple of acres to spare for 300 large flightless birds? There are some really big eggs in it for you, which you can use for a multitude of fun activities.

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