Robert Sietsema at Henan Feng Wei in Flushing

This week in the Voice, Robert Sietsema discovers unfussy, "amazing!" Northern Chinese at Henan Feng Wei in Flushing.

Sam Sifton pokes a bit of fun at expense-account-friendly Lavo: "The menu is Italian by way of a steakhouse, and if the food isn't totally awesome, the portions are huge. You'll love it." [NY Times]

Meanwhile, Julia Moskin has love for Hill Country Chicken: "It is turning out some top-level food that's hard to find around here: fried chicken that is a contender for the best in the city." [NY Times]

Adam Platt has a great meal at Brooklyn Fare, but is left wanting: "[César] Ramirez's Continental/Japanese technique is impeccable, but also vaguely familiar." [NY Magazine]

Ryan Sutton hunts down the best and worst truffled bites, from Bar Masa's $120 seared wagyu with truffles to Colicchio & Sons' $65 truffled pizza. [Bloomberg]

Gael Greene revisits Mesa Grill: "I wasn't expecting the food to be quite this wonderful. Good, yes, or good enough. But not this exciting. It tastes like early Bobby Flay, though occasionally a bit too sweet." [Insatiable Critic]

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