Robert Sietsema at Lievito; Lauren Shockey at Junoon

This week in the Voice, Robert Sietsema discovers a new and delicious breed of pizza bones at Lievito; Lauren Shockey likes the food, but not the boring beige room, at Junoon.

Sam Sifton finds hits and misses at Lyon: "Some of the food is excellent. ... Best of all are the restaurant's offerings of charcuterie. ... The entrees need work, however." [NY Times]

Ryan Sutton pays visits to two new Thais: Kin Shop and Lotus of Siam, and finds the first ("challenges diners with flavors that are both unadulterated and balanced") outdoes the second ("an overpriced takeout joint"). [Bloomberg]

Steve Cuozzo approves of Riverpark: "Big, beautiful Riverpark is worth the schlep for the spirited cooking of Sisha Ortuzar, a Tom Colicchio disciple whom TV's Top Chef generously gave free rein in the kitchen. Getting there isn't half the fun." [NY Post]

Jay Cheshes raves over Hung Ry: "Here, former Cru chef Michael Hodgkins -- a rare gwai lo with a serious interest in the Chinatown pantry -- plugs top-notch, locally sourced meat and produce into a collection of complex and original dishes." [TONY]

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