Robert Sietsema at Lu Xiang Yuan; Sarah DiGregorio at Thistle Hill Tavern

This week in the Voice, Robert Sietsema discovers the cuisine of Qingdao, Shandong, at Lu Xiang Yuan, a/k/a Hong Shun Restaurant, while Sarah DiGregorio finds cozy New American fare with a twist at Thistle Hill Tavern.

Sam Sifton awards a star to Fornino Park Slope for its tasty antipasti and pastas, but finds that the grilled pizzas "may be the restaurant's weakest suit." [NY Times]

Steve Cuozzo finds muchos problemas with "Nueva Latina" Nuela, trashing everything from its not-quite ceviches to its sloppy drinks: "This joint needs some nueva thinking." [NY Post]

Meanwhile, Jay Cheshes can't rave enough about Nuela: "[D]essert, like just about everything else ... defies all reasonable expectations." [TONY]

Underground Gourmet approves of Salume: "unusual combinations but hardly off-the-wall, and they're assembled meticulously and served with panache." [NY Magazine]

Ryan Sutton is thoroughly unimpressed with the food at the New Meadowlands Stadium: "Like sausage and politics, [it's] slick and shiny on the outside, suspect within." [Bloomberg]

Gael Greene gets an early taste of Eataly, which she seems to enjoy for the most part, despite intense perspiration. [Insatiable-Critic]

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