Roberta's New Bread Oven Beckons on the Horizon

Every month seems to bring forth a new product from Roberta's -- first, there was pizza, then, coffee-spiked soap, then, a radio station, and then, plans for a rooftop farm. Now, it looks like the restaurant has a new bun in the oven, literally.

Brooklyn Based has a lengthy and interesting story on Roberta's new bread oven, which is being built in a shipping container in a space next door. Although the restaurant has been baking its own bread for months, turning out 100-200 loaves every night, the addition of the new oven will allow its bakers to produce 500-600 loaves (and someday, even 1,000) nightly, which will be used and sold at the restaurant and distributed to various markets and restaurants throughout Brooklyn.

And after that's completed, the Roberta's crew will of course be moving on to another project: opening a banquet hall for 200 next door. At this rate, Bushwick may soon have its answer to Eataly.

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