Rosé in the Wintertime; Vintage Beer All the Rage

Andrew Lloyd Webber sold $5.6 million worth of French wine at Sotheby's Hong Kong, including a 1982 case of Château Pétrus for $77,564. [Wall Street Journal]

Emilio Estevez finds comfort and inspiration in his backyard vineyard, Casa Dumetz, where he often writes dialogue. [NY Times]

Herbal cocktails are everywhere: Green Tornado with mint and tarragon at Rouge Tomate; Honey-Lavender Julep at Annisa; and Earls Court with bergamot at Madam Geneva. [NY Post]

Rosé wine, often associated with summer, is also great to drink in the winter. Try a tannat and cabernet franc blend with roasted duck and wild rice. [NY Times]

Vintage beer is all the rage these days: craft-brewed stouts, porters, lambics, and other fuller-bodied, high-alcohol brews that have been aged like wine. [NY Post]

Has spirits marketing gone too far? There's Devotion, a vodka infused with protein, and even honey- and cherry-flavored bourbons. [NY Times]

Japan's Kirin Brewery has plans to introduce an alcohol-free beer on the West Coast of the U.S. [Wall Street Journal]

Michel Dozois, the owner of Névé Luxury Ice Company in L.A., peddles high-quality ice and spreads the message of proper dilution. [Atlantic Food]

Your mother was wrong. Studies show that alcohol doesn't actually kill brain cells, and the studies aren't exactly new, either. [Atlantic Food]

Scottish Spirits in Glasgow has launched a blended Scotch whiskey in a can, much to the industry's disgust. [InventorSpot]

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