Ryan Skeen Is Back, This Time at Harlem's 5 & Diamond

Ryan Skeen lays it all out.
Ryan Skeen lays it all out.
Melissa Hom/Metromix

Four months after departing Allen & Delancey in rather glorious form, Ryan Skeen has returned to lend a bit of color to the city's dining landscape. He's resurfaced in Harlem, where he's both chef and partner at the 5 & Diamond. Grub Street reports that the "American, Mediterranean-leaning" menu is comprised of foods that Skeen himself likes to eat, like shrimp-and-grits hushpuppies, lamb cassoulet, and a burger comprising the beef cheek, flap steak, and pork fatback blend that Skeen first made at Irving Mill.

The restaurant will also offer some food for thought: Skeen's partners Selene Martinez and Lia Sanfilippo, who are both neighborhood locals, plan to use the the space for cooking classes and other projects that will encourage community activism.

The 5 & Diamond will open this Thursday with limited hours for the next week and a half, after which it will begin regular service.

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