Saigon Shack Promises Banh Mi and More

Inside Saigon Shack.
Inside Saigon Shack.

The banh mi remains the sandwich trend that refuses to die, and giving it further life is Greenwich Village's Saigon Shack, which opened this past Sunday.

Saigon Shack's banh mi lineup is pretty standard: It features a classic version made with ham and pâté, as well as options including a grilled pork chop, a grilled lemongrass chicken, a Saigon spicy brisket, a Peking duck, a vegetarian, and a rotating weekly special. The sandwiches range from $5 to $10, which is pricey for a banh mi, but not unreasonable since the neighborhood has few other options. Rounding out the menu is a selection of phos, rice noodle dishes, salads, dumplings, and a large tea and coffee bar -- perhaps a nod to the space's former incarnation as Esperanto Café.

The restaurant is still in soft-launch mode with a limited menu (no shakes or weekly specials for now), but a full menu will be ready for the grand opening on Monday the 29th. Until then, long live the banh mi.

Saigon Shack 114 MacDougal Street 212-228-0588

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