Sam Sifton Offers Diet Tips; Thomas Keller Talks Shop

Sam Sifton reveals how he manages to stay healthy while eating five meals a day: "I walk everywhere... I take the stairs when I can. And on days off, I make salads and pretend they're good for me." [NY Times]

Thomas Keller talks about how French Laundry differs from Per Se. Apparently not much, except for the lack of a garden in New York where Central Park stands. [Wall Street Journal]

Restaurants are starting to see signs of recovery after a terrible 2009, with sales rising and thousands of new hires nationwide. [NY Times]

A couple of chefs tried to meet the challenge of feeding a family on $68.88 for the week. Bill Telepan of Telepan came up nearly $20 over budget. [AP]

The Mushroom Man is a real guy who can be found in the Secret Garden in Bushwick, where he cultivates eight different varieties of mushrooms. [NY Times]

Federal regulators are set to release new antitrust rules for the meat industry, which could give more power to farmers who sell their livestock to meat companies. [AP]

A new study shows that eating more fish, fruit, and nuts, can lead to a reduced risk of contracting Alzheimer's. So, yes, fish can be considered brain food. [AFP]

The government may be robbing you blind today, but fast-food chains want to give you a break. Cinnabon, McDonald's, Papa John's, and Starbucks all have tax day specials. [NY Daily News]

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