Scotland's New Nutritionally Sound Pizzas

Appalled by the amount of salt and saturated fat found in supermarket prepared foods, Mike Lean of Glasgow University, and Donnie MacLean, the founder of Eat Balanced, have developed a series of "nutritionally-balanced" pizzas, which will be available soon in the freezer aisles of some major British supermarkets.

"We focused on pizza being a lunch or a dinner option. Each pizza gives a complete meal, with all the nutrients in it, for 30% of your day."

Crusts will be enriched with seaweed, and toppings will include anchovies/onion, roasted vegetables, and prosciutto/fig. Though it seems pretty unlikely that a bit of red pepper (for extra vitamin C!) would benefit anyone eating pizza twice a day, it's perhaps a step up from cheese-and-sausage-stuffed crusts. [BBC via Grist]

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