Serious Eats Ranks the City's Best Hot Chocolates

Hot chocolate war!
Hot chocolate war!

Serious Eats just published their list of the city's 10 best hot chocolates, which is great because nothing is better on a cold day than a mug of hot, chocolaty goodness. But, of course, you would already know the city's top 10, thanks to Fork in the Road's write-up last winter. Still, how do the lists compare?

Serious Eats vs. Fork in the Road

Café Grumpy vs. Stumptown Locanda Verde vs. Jacques Torres Tarralucci e Vino vs. MarieBelle City Bakery vs. the Chocolate Room La Maison du Chocolat vs. City Bakery Kafe 1668 vs. Almondine DT Works vs. Van Leeuwen Otto vs. DessertTruck Works Peels vs. Grom Gelato Jacques Torres vs. the Village Tart

Interestingly, the only overlap between the two lists is Jacques Torres and City Bakery, both of which have quality hot chocolate offerings and are likely to be found on any top-10 hot chocolate list. Still, though, only two in common? Granted, the city has myriad restaurants, cafés, and bakeries selling cocoa, but you'd think there would be a bit more overlap. So, readers, it's up to you. Tell us in the comments whose list wins the hot chocolate coup.

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