Sex and the City Tour No Longer Gets Magnolia Cupcakes; KFC's 'Unthink' Campaign a Flop

Following the call for a hot dog redesign to prevent kids from choking, the food inventor responsible for popcorn chicken has patented a device that cuts eight slits into a frank, breaking it up into smaller pieces when consumed. [Wall Street Journal]

The Coca-Cola Freestyle is a new soda machine that allows you customize your soda in hundreds of ways, such as mixing cola with lime or something called Coke Orange. [NY Daily News]

The Sex and the City bus tour no longer stops at Magnolia for cupcakes, which is good news to many neighbors. Apparently, the bakery could not meet the demand. [Wall Street Journal]

KFC's "Unthink" campaign hasn't quite caught on with customers, who largely still associate the brand with "Finger lickin' good." [Nation's Restaurant News]

On HBO's Treme, the character Janette Desautel, the chef-owner of the Uptown restaurant Desautel's, is largely based on notable New Orleans chef Susan Spicer. [Wall Street Journal]

A new novel by Aimee Bender entitled The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake features a girl who can taste emotions in food. [Wall Street Journal]

The Mexican government has decided to ban junk food in elementary and high schools in an effort to fight one of the worst childhood obesity problems in the world. [Guardian]

Meanwhile, Mexico has put the three-quarters of police officers considered overweight on a strict diet, reducing caloric intake in some cases from 4,000 to 2,500 calories per day. [NY Times]

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