Shandong Dumpling in Flushing's Golden Shopping Mall: Incredibly Cheap Eats

Fat and juicy: Beef and leek dumplings
Fat and juicy: Beef and leek dumplings

We were interested in the shepherd's purse--a plant related to mustard--dumplings, but the woman behind the counter said that they were out, and suggested the beef dumplings instead (eight for $3.50). The price might be slightly above that charged at the ultra-cheap dumpling houses, but the dumplings at Shandong Dumpling are very fat, with wonderfully chewy, pillowy wrappers. Watch a quick-fingered woman fashion the dumplings by hand as you wait for your order.

Nip through the slippery skin and find a juicy mix of tasty ground beef and leek inside. Pour on a bit of Shandong vinegar for a jolt of acidity. The plate of eight dumplings could fill one person up for lunch.

We also tried the dumplings in hot sauce--at 12 for $6, they don't quite qualify as incredibly cheap eats (at least not in Flushing), but they are thoroughly delicious. The pork dumplings sit in a spicy brew that includes red chiles, scallions, and Skippy peanut butter. (Shandong province is known for its peanut crop.) We slurped up the sauce after the dumplings had been devoured.

Shandong Dumpling Golden Shopping Mall, first floor 41-28 Main Street 718-939-5472

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