Sherry Cocktails Are Hot; Witches Pissed at Witch's Wit Beer

Sherry cocktails are all the rage these days. Find them at Gilt, Anfora, and Aldea. [NY Post]

Gypsy brewers, like Pretty Things and Stillwater Artisanal Ales, are cropping up everywhere. They don't have a home brewery but travel from facility to facility. [Atlantic Food]

Vinitaly took place yesterday at Eataly: a huge tasting Italian wines, from Chiantis to Barolos and beyond. This year, 100 percent of the proceeds went to charity. [NY Daily News]

Proposed legislation could restrict interstate shipping of wine by retailers, as well as the direct sale of wine from wineries. [NY Times]

The Washington Post's spirits columnist since 2007, Jason Wilson, has released a new book about his journey through the spirits world called Boozehound. [Wall Street Journal]

Motörhead has re-recorded its classic anthem "Ace of Spades" for a Kronenbourg 1664 beer commercial. The song will be available for download. [NoiseCreep]

Witches around the country are up in arms over the label of Witch's Wit, a limited-edition pale ale featuring a depiction of a witch being burned at the stake. [NY Times]

The newly released Relaxation Report survey reveals that men tend to prefer relaxing with a drink, while women prefer to relax with a book. [USA Today]

Is biodynamics baloney? Critics say the mysterious, organic way of farming grapes for winemaking "is a hoax and deserves the same level of respect we give witchcraft." [Wall Street Journal]

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