Slice's Top Pizzas of 2009

It must be the end of the decade, because the listicles are piling up like snow drifts. Slice's pizza maven Adam Kuban has published a slideshow of the top eight pizzas he consumed in 2009. Only two of them are from pizza joints in the five boroughs.

Kuban singles out Motorino's brussels sprout-pancetta pie, which Our Man Sietsema called "formidably tasty." Kuban also loved Veloce Pizzaria's square sausage pie--another pick that Our Man Sietsema would probably agree with, since he called that pizza "particularly fine, with pork that, though lightly spiced, was bursting with flavor."

Interestingly, Kuban includes a pizza made in Paulie Gee's backyard oven in Warren, New Jersey, a pie not available to to the public. Gee is planning to open a pizza place in Brooklyn in 2010--something to look forward to, amid all this looking back.

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Our Ten Best Pizzas

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