Small Dairies Thriving Once Again; Food Trucks as Marketing Stunts

Decades after many small dairies were forced to close, new boutique dairies, like Finger Lakes Dexter Creamery and Heamour Farm in Madison, New York, are on the rise. [Wall Street Journal]

Ever wonder why you overeat around the holidays? Neuroscientists say the stomach and intestines detect the presence of calories, forcing you to reach for the extra helping. [Wall Street Journal]

NoMad, the area north of Madison Square Park, used to be a culinary wasteland, until the likes of Eataly, Nuela, and Hill Country Chicken came along. [NY Post]

Egidiana Maccioni, wife of Le Cirque owner Sirio Maccioni, was hit by a deliveryman on a bicycle who knocked her in front of an oncoming taxi, but was not hurt. [NY Post]

Food trucks are selling not only falafels and gourmet burgers, but also brand identity, like Heinz Ketchup, which has been circulating a truck as a marketing ploy. [NY Times]

The Senate is scheduled to vote on the FDA Food Safety Modernization bill, which could improve food safety without doing too much damage to small farmers. [NY Times]

The Times notices that niche restaurants are all the rage, highlighting the Meatball Shop, Macbar, and even Rice to Riches. [NY Times]

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