Smoking Fish at Desnuda

Great food is not hard to come by in New York. Genuinely surprising food that still manages to taste good is more difficult, and that's why Desnuda feels like such a find. Check out this week's review of the restaurant--eating there was the most fun I've had at a restaurant in a long time. I love the total lack of pretension, the bad jokes made by the co-owner and the way the chef putters around and comes up with a ceviche he just invented that second, one that is likely to be delicious. It's just a great little spot. A friend suggested that it would be a good date restaurant, because the improvisatory nature of a meal there gives you lots to talk about. Get the bong-smoked oysters and find out if your date has a sense of humor.

Desnuda 122 East 7th Street 212-254-3515

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