Sofrito's Gets Sued; Rabbis Gear Up for Passover

A state senator has proposed a new bill that would offer tax breaks to New York restaurants that buy locally grown produce, as well as milk, cheese, and maple products. [LoHud]

Republicans' budget approved last week proposes to overhaul the $65 billion food stamp program, making aid contingent on work or job training. [AP]

A slide show depicts Alphabet City as the latest restaurant mecca, with such new additions as Goat Town and Edi & the Wolf. [NY Post]

Sofrito is the latest restaurant to be sued by employees for breach of labor law. Two former employees say they were shortchanged on wages and tips. [Wall Street Journal]

The rabbis of Brooklyn's OK Kosher Certification are already hard at work certifying restaurants for Passover, as well as everything from Perrier to Tropicana orange juice. [Wall Street Journal]

Burger chains are debating whether to serve beef in India. Wendy's says it won't, while Carl's Jr. would consider beef, as well as bacon, in areas where it's eaten. [Nation's Restaurant News]

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