Soft Drink Companies Fight Food Stamp Ban; Sunchokes Back in Season, Baby

Soft drink companies are trying to block the mayor's efforts to ban the use of food stamps to buy "sugar-sweetened beverages" as a way to fight obesity. Lobbyists say the plan would stigmatize people using food stamps. [NY Times]

Emeril Lagasse visited Peter Luger as part of his new Cooking Channel show, The Originals. He was shocked to see the kitchen had eight broilers. [NY Daily News]

Some takeout restaurants find food-delivery websites like GrubHub and SeamlessWeb frustrating because of the hefty fees they charge. [Metro]

The Met's rooftop bar is back, serving gin martinis to go with the exhibition "Anthony Caro on the Roof." [NY Post]

Sunchokes are back in season, and you can already find them on the menu at Devi, the Harrison, and Scarpetta. [NY Post]

The Sikh Day Parade took place on Saturday. Tons of free food was given away, honoring langar, the serving of free meals in Sikh temples. [NY Times]

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