Stand-Up Coffee Shops; Making Messy Food Look Good

">Michael White talks about his growing Italian restaurant empire, assuring us: "I eat, sleep, live and die Italian food." [

NY Times


A new breed of coffee shop prohibits laptops and instead of tables features a stand-up counter, encouraging conversation but a short visit. [NY Times]

Food stylists used to try to make their subjects look perfect. Now, the trend is to make messy-looking dishes look delicious. [Wall Street Journal]

Pepsi Max is going up against Coke Zero yet again, with a new campaign slogan: "Zero calories, maximum taste." [Crain's]

A new study found that eating one to two servings of dark chocolate a week may help prevent heart failure. [NY Times]

Josh Ozersky follows Eric Ripert, Ruth Reichl, and Sam Sifton on Twitter, but claims none of them has anything really interesting to say. [Time]

The Vendys have apparently snubbed Brooklyn, with no nominations for popular food trucks like Asia Dog, Calexico, and Jen 'n Outlaw's Fish Fry Truck and Crawfish Boil. [NY Post]

Chiles and Chocolate in Park Slope makes its guacamole with roasted grasshopper, an Oaxacan tradition. [NY Post]

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