Starbucks Expanding Into Lighter Roasts With Its New Blonde Brew

Starbucks' Blonde (Ambition)
Starbucks' Blonde (Ambition)
Lauren Shockey

Starbucks is continuing its coffee domination with a new, lighter brew of coffee called Blonde. The Seattle-based coffee company became known for its dark roasts, and this milder roast is both a departure and an opportunity for the brand to further extend its reach. Although we usually support our local baristas as much as we can, we ventured out this afternoon to get some of this new corporate coffee and see how it measured up.

It actually wasn't that bad! The flavor was indeed milder than the regular brew from Starbucks, maybe slightly more akin to your average deli cup of coffee, but still with enough body that you don't feel like you're drinking dishwater. While it's not interesting enough of a coffee to change our caffeine allegiance, it's a perfectly fine $2 cuppa joe for those seeking something a little less strong in the morning.

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