Starbucks Sees Liquidity in Juice Market; Papasito Grill Burned by Noise Complaints

​Starbucks, no longer satisfied with being everywhere, has decided to be everywhere even more. The Seattle-based chain bought Evolution, a high-end juice company, on Thursday. Execs plan on opening health-and-wellness-themed stores.

Papasito Grill and Agave Bar's Upper West Side location has gotten flak from neighbors: They say that restaurant patrons get drunk and make too much noise. Papasito's high-profile friend Fernando Mateo has publicly defended of the eatery, calling the complaints made-up "stories." 

Kofi Annan, the former U.N. secretary general, warns that climate change will worsen the global food crisis.

The Bean might soon serve booze. 

Heartbreak will reopen, kind of: The owner plans to revamp the resto by going Greek.

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