States Fight Back Against City Food Bans; Could Eating with a Bigger Fork Help You Lose Weight?

States like Alabama and Florida are adopting limits on the authority cities have to ban unhealthy foods. [Time]

Food authorities in Australian and New Zealand are warning citizens against consuming a new coffee that claims to perk up people's sex lives. [Herald Sun]

A new study suggests that eating with a larger fork could help you lose weight; smaller forks equal more forkfuls. [Metro]

Grocery stores are offering big discounts these days, preferring to offer multiples like five for $5 instead of one for $1 to lure customers. [NY Times]

The debate on food trucks rages one. Yes, they're cool and convenient. But they hurt brick-and-mortar businesses. Yada yada. [NY Times]

The Prospect Park Alliance and the New York City Track Association held a food-truck rally this Saturday. It will be repeated monthly. [FOXNews]

The Youthmarket on Fort Hamilton Parkway, open every Saturday through October 29, is a greenmarket run by teens [NY Daily News]

China is planning to release part of the central government's 200,000-metric-ton stash of frozen pork onto the market to combat food inflation. [NY Times]

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