Stop Your Food From Rotting With "Fenugreen Fresh Paper"

Avoid this with a simple piece of paper.
Avoid this with a simple piece of paper.

We're all guilty of throwing away once-fresh produce because we didn't eat it fast enough. Enter Fenugreen Fresh Paper.

Katia Shukla designed small squares of paper that are infused with herbs and spices. They work to keep fruits and vegetables fresh up to four times longer by stunting fungal and bacterial growth.

Apparently, you can just drop a piece of paper into a carton of produce -- much like a dryer sheet -- and you'll be able to fight off the mold.

Shukla told Fast Company the paper smells like maple, and when the scent fades the paper loses its seemingly magic abilities.

Considering 25 percent of the world's food supply is wasted because of spoilage, we're into saving those goods.

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