Strange Snacks of the World--Freakish Sapor

Peanuts with a crunchy coating aren't so unusual, but this "natural foodstuff" advertises itself in a highly creative way: Freakish Sapor! I love that word, freakish. Anyway, it turns out that the world 'sapor' comes from the Latin sapere, to taste, and 'sapor' was used in Middle English to mean 'taste.' You can imagine that the marketing manager for this snack, at his or her computer in GuangZhou, was using some very tempermental translation software. Maybe they wanted to write something like 'unusual taste,' or 'special taste,' and instead they got freakish sapor.

In any case, these peanuts, bought at No. 2 Dynasty Market on 18th Avenue in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, are not really special or even freakish. I thought they'd taste of wasabi or seaweed, but they really don't taste like anything at all.

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