Strawberries Can Fight Cancer; World Food Prices Finally Drop

Top Chef Masters premiered yesterday with several changes: fewer contestants, fewer judges, including Ruth Reichl, lower-profile chefs, and a new host. [NY Times]

A new book follows the Pepper Trail of northern Mexico and examines how farmers are dealing with the effects of climate change on their crops. [NY Times]

Strawberries have the potential to prevent esophageal cancer, according to a preliminary study released Wednesday. [Wall Street Journal]

Nobu Matsuhisa of the Nobu empire offers travel tips, including his secret to staying fit while he travels: Lay off the booze and coffee. [Wall Street Journal]

World food prices fell for the first time in eight months in March after hitting record highs at the start of the year. [AFP]

Lindsay Lohan has been seen hanging out with hotelier Vikram Chatwal. The starlet is reportedly being put up in the penthouse of his 44th Street hotel. [NY Post]

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