Sushi Samba to Serve Giant Amazonian Fish This Restaurant Week

Big fish in a big pond.
Big fish in a big pond.
Mother Nature Network

Sushi Samba sends word that it will be the first restaurant in New York and one of the few in America to serve the giant Amazonian fish called arapaima or paiche.

As one of the oldest and largest freshwater species in the world, it can grow to 500 pounds. In South America, the fish, which is found in shallow, muddy water, is endangered due to overfishing and deforestation. In Brazil, the commercial catch of it is banned. But, fear not, sustainable pescatarians, Sushi Samba's big catch is that it's serving farm-raised paiche. Both Sushi Samba locations will serve the white fish in a Miso-Jalapeño Glaze with Mizuna and Blood Orange Salad as part of their Restaurant Week offering.

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