Ted & Honey Café Is Now Smoking All Its Own Meats, Cheeses, and Fish In-House

Ted & Smoking section.
Ted & Smoking section.

A favorite of both Paul Dano's and Gray Kunz's, Ted & Honey Café is known for its fiercely locavoric and DIY ethos -- even the ketchup is made in-house. The Cobble Hill café has announced that it is now smoking all of its own meats, cheeses, and fish on the premises. The new items will appear on the menu starting May 3.

The new menu includes house-cured cold-smoked salmon, house-smoked pulled pork, and sweet tea-brined and smoked chicken wings with housemade hot sauce. The house-smoked bacon, house cold-smoked wild salmon, and smoked cheeses will all be sold at the gourmet market part of the café.

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