Tejal Rao at Perla; One Star for La Silhouette

Tejal Rao at Perla; One Star for La Silhouette
Liz Barclay

See what NYC's restaurant critics have been up to this week:

Tejal Rao makes her inaugural review in this week's Voice with a write-up of rustic Italian Perla on Minetta Lane: "Perla's long menu is divided traditionally--antipasti, primi, secondi, contorni--and if you're wearing your eatin' pants, you could certainly pick a dish from each section to create a proper Italian dinner," she says. New trending hashtag? #eatinpants

Pete Wells over at the New York Times pays a visit to La Silhouette and gives it one star: "And there was the duck sauce. Yes, it was a sauce that came with duck breast, but it was also reminiscent of the Chinese-takeout condiment."

Gale Greene, the Insatiable Critic, hits up Almayass, the new Flatiron outpost of the popular Armenian restaurant in Beirut: "The only disappointment is the overcooked quail that arrives on a bare plate with its ankles modestly crossed. Not even a dose of lemon can save it."

Steve Cuozzo from the New York Post checks out Vitae near Grand Central Terminal: "It's not original in the least, nor special in the way that turns critics to jelly and makes blogs go bananas. You could almost call its menu ordinary, although ordinary of a very high order."

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24 Minetta Lane
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