Test-Driving Murray's Real Salami

Sometimes, in the name of science and journalism, I am forced to consume large quantities of charcuterie for lunch. Today, I stopped by Murray's Cheese Shop's new venture, Murray's Real Salami, to see what was what. The shop has an impressive range of porky products, especially considering that it's just a small stand within the Grand Central Marketplace.

Each hunk of fatty goodness sports a little sign describing in detail what that product is and where it's from (the same way Murray's cheeses do). That's a good thing, because although the shop hawks all the usual favorites that everyone knows (soprassata, proscuitto, serrano ham, etc) there are also less common goods like surryano ham—hickory smoked, aged one year—from S. Wallace Edwards and Sons in Virginia.

Murray's sources their charcuterie from places like Chelsea's wonderful Salumeria Biellese, among others.


Venison-apricot-hazelnut pate ($19.99/pound from Fabriques Delices). A coarse, gamey, meaty grind.

Coppa ($19.99 from Salumeria Biellese). Assertively porky, a litttle rough, ribboned liberally with fat. Would be good on a sandwich.

Test-Driving Murray's Real Salami

Surryano Ham ($22.99 pound from S. Wallace Edwards). This is like a pink, silky hickory smoke bomb. Very salty!

Murray's Real Salami Grand Central Marketplace 43rd Street and Lexington 212-867-7202

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