Thanksgiving Sandwiches Put Your Holiday Between Bread

Lenny's: Where the Pilgrims went for takeout?
Lenny's: Where the Pilgrims went for takeout?
Lauren Bloomberg

Sure, Thanksgiving is awesome. There's turkey, stuffing, and all sorts of delicious sides, but what's even better than a commemorative feast? The day-after sandwiches.

Thanksgiving sandwiches are one of the best parts of the holiday, and stuffing all of those leftovers between two slices of bread may be one of the greatest things ... ever. But you don't need to relegate this special sandwich to Black Friday. There are a number of excellent "gobble gobble sandwiches" to be had around town without the hassle of carving a whole bird.

Delancey Street newcomer Berkli Parc serves a sandwich called the Thanksgiving Year Round. The California cuisine restaurant's 'wich features herb stuffing, cranberry relish, alfalfa sprouts (we'll chalk up that slight misstep to the resto's West Coast), and thick chunks of bird on Balthazar Bakery levain bread.

Chat N Chew, the Union Square diner that will make you want to throw on bobby socks and a poodle skirt, serves up their turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce on a roll. There are a dozen Lenny's locations littering Manhattan, each one serving a decent, if not gourmet, version, but if you find yourself craving a quickie Thanksgiving in Midtown, look no further than Wrap N Run. The Hunter College-area lunch spot serves as one of the more surprising destinations for all of the things you love about Thanksgiving in one bite, rolled into a tortilla. Order yours with an addition of mashed potatoes for even more side-dish action than the typical combo.

Not exactly straight-up Thanksgiving sandwiches, but we do have to give honorary mention to the turkey sandwich at Nolita's Torrisi, now Parm, as well as at Emma Hearst's Lower East Side Stellina. Both sandwiches will hit the spot, even though they don't contain the collection of sides that we typically seek out when our craving hits.

Of course, there's also the Thanksgiving croissant from Christina Tosi's Milk Bar. Though after reading Robert Sietsema's review, you may want to look beyond the Momofuku family.

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