That "Secret" Restaurant Behind Loki Lounge Is a Steakhouse

Last last month, word began circulating of a "secret" restaurant that had opened behind Park Slope's Loki Lounge. It turns out that the restaurant, Benchmark, is a steakhouse, and that one of its owners is already talking smack about Peter Luger's.

Ryan Jaronik, Benchmark's chef and co-owner, told the Brooklyn Paper that "Luger's is the old man's steakhouse -- simple, straightforward. We're striving to be better than that."

Jaronik, who used to work at Monkey Town and Chicago's Gibson's Steakhouse, didn't say how, exactly, he'll make his restaurant better than Luger's -- like Luger's, Benchmark will have a room for dry-aging beef and curing homemade sausages -- but did say that his menu will feature five cuts of steak, served a la carte.

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