That Tainted Turkey Is Still Out There; A Call for Global Salt Intake Reduction

That salmonella-tainted turkey that's been going around? It's sickened more people, at least 107 in 31 states by now. [US News and World Report]

Kraft is promoting its new Velveeta Cheesy Skillets, a line of just-add-meat pasta dinner kits, with a series of ads that invite women to "use their stoves." [NY Times]

Barbecue is still frowned upon throughout Europe, but the British BBQ Championship has helped it gain respect in the U.K. [Wall Street Journal]

This doesn't bode very well for the food-truck cause: A vendor in Atlanta ran over two children, killing one. [WSB Atlanta]

Some airlines are trying to offer healthier in-flight food options, but maybe they should just focus on simple meals that refrigerate well. [Wall Street Journal]

Does disposing of food waste using a garbage disposal system reduce the global warming potential? A study commissioned by a garbage disposal maker says yes. [MarketWatch]

A new report calls for the U.N. to make reducing salt intake a global health priority, saying it could save 8.5 million lives around the world over the next decade. [BBC]

The latest numbers show that nearly 25 percent of New York households with children don't always have enough money to buy food. [Ithica Journal]

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