The Blogroll Gazette: Best Cookbooks of '09 & The Ultimate Stoner Food

This week in food blogs...

Eat Me Daily rounded up its best cookbooks of 2009, including Hardest-Core Food Porn (The Blackberry Farm Cookbook, by Sam Beall), Biggest Mindfuck (Building a Meal by Herve This), and Best Overall (the Momofuku cookbook).

Slashfood discovered the latest frankenfood: Cheese Jerky from Wisconsin, made by adding shredded premium beef jerky to string cheese.

Midtown Lunch got wind of yet another food truck fire: this time, the Papa Perrone truck caught fire and Papa himself got burned in the face.

Serious Eats unearthed the ultimate stoner food at The Meat Hook: bacon cheeseburger sausages.

Eater spread a rumor that Stephen Hanson was scouting spaces in Times Square for a second Bill's Bar & Burger location. It turned out to be false.

Grub Street noticed that White Castle has a $49.99 Snuggie and Domino's has a $19.99 "Avoid the Noid" T-shirt.

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