The Blogroll Gazette: Disgusting Food Art & a Street Meat Fest

This week in food blogs...

Eat Me Daily featured the disturbing food art of Stephen J. Shanabrook, which The Feedbag found "disgusting," deeming the images "pseudo-profound 'juxtapositions' that are just an excuse for shock value."

Grub Street kept track of the legal saga of Mr. (Michael) Chow and Philippe Chow (formerly Chau). Philippe's most recent response to Mr. Chow's lawsuit is a defiant claim that "the fact that we have the same last name is pure coincidence."

The Food Section discovered the oddly contradictory Joy of Cooking-branded frozen meals, with its tagline "the taste of homemade without all the work."

Eater live blogged from super-douchey Superdive, which supplied the drinks. Down by the Hipster and UrbanDaddy showed up.

The Feedbag attacked Adam Platt for his less-than-glowing review of Marea, then recanted, apologizing both privately and publicly.

Midtown Lunch hosted its second-annual Street Meat Palooza, and crowned 2007 Vendy Award People's Choice Winner Kwik Meal the "best plate" of street meat in Midtown.

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