The Blogroll Gazette--Grub Street on Citi Field and The 'Bag on F&W's 2009 Best New Chefs

Grub Street showcased its "crucial culinary map" of where to eat at Citi Field, highlighting DannyMeyerLand, Acela Club and the World's Fare Market. [Grub Street]

The 'Bag asked Citysearch editors to weigh in on Food & Wine's 2009 Best New Chef picks. Boston editor Christine Liu agreed that Barry Maiden of Hungry Mother "wins hearts (and bellies)." [The Feedbag]

Bartender and drinks writer Derek Brown considered cocktail snobs, and offered up his version of a good Sidecar. [The Atlantic Food Channel]

One of the best April Fool's pranks came from AHT, who said it had a "golden opportunity" to be taken over by a popular burger chain, then proceeded to review the Big Mac. [A Hamburger Today]

The Food Section reports on the Mugen Beer Can, which allows you the pleasure of cracking open a beer... without the actual beer. [The Food Section]

Eat me daily tracked down the singing fowl slaughterer cited in Tom Mylan's Gourmet article about using YouTube to research how to kill chicken. [Eat me daily]

Serious Eats reviewed the new Peeps Lip Balm. [Serious Eats]

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