The City's Best Egg Dishes; Do Relaxation Drinks Work?

A new study suggests that fast food makes people impatient. Researchers say it's impossible to know whether fast food causes the need for time efficiency or is just a consequence of it, but that it reinforces a focus on instant gratification. [FOXNews]

A roundup of the city's tastiest egg dishes includes the uovo in raviolo at Maialino, truffled deviled eggs at The Collective, and sambal-sprinkled quail egg shooters at Fatty Crab. [NY Post]

Casual dining chains, like Darden Restaurants, which owns The Olive Garden and Red Lobster, are starting to see improved sales and traffic. [Nation's Restaurant News]

A commander in Afghanistan has banned American and NATO troops from eating fast food and ordered junk food outlets on all military bases to be closed. [ABC News]

A record cold snap and tougher federal limits on what can be caught has Florida seafood restaurants and distributors relying more on imported seafood. [NY Times]

New $1,000 microwave models that use steam to cook food are hitting the market, aimed at people who want an oven with special features, but not necessarily a microwave. [Wall Street Journal]

Meanwhile, frozen foods are branching out, using techniques and packaging that allow foods to stay fresher, retain more nutrients, and cook better in the microwave. [Wall Street Journal]

Greenhouse acreage devoted to tomatoes has grown nearly six times since the early 1990s, saving us all for pink, mealy winter tomatoes. [NY Times]

Jamie Oliver, an anonymous school employee from the Midwest who writes the Fed Up with Lunch blog, and various lawmakers are behind the push to improve school lunches. [NY Times]

About 100 new relaxation drinks have hit the market in the last three years, containing herbal or hormonal therapies that can be effective, but also may have side effects. [Wall Street Journal]

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