The Claw Restaurant Will Soon Sling Lobster Rolls on 23rd Street

Lobster rolls? Yes, please.
Lobster rolls? Yes, please.
Lauren Shockey

We've already highlighted the 10 Best Things to Eat on 23rd Street, but it looks like there soon might be a new contender for good eating on the busy thoroughfare. Signage is up at the Claw, a soon-to-open lobster roll joint located at 269 West 23rd Street (212-627-7700).

According to the Claw's Facebook page, it will offer not only lobster rolls and crab cakes, but will be bringing "Hampton flavors" (related: Is that the flavor of money?) to Chelsea with a selection of "seafood specialties such as crab beignets and lobster mac and cheese." The restaurant will receive daily shipments of fresh lobster and crab from Maine. Sounds like grub you'd want to get your claws on.

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