The Early Word: Elizabeth

Elizabeth is like a fun movie that you enjoy while you're watching it, but then can't remember a thing about after you walk out of the theater. It's pretty and lightweight and slickly made. The food tastes good, but is predictable and overpriced. It hits the words of the moment: cocktails, poached egg, paté, spring lamb. On a Saturday night, an entertaining parade of pretty people catwalks through the dining room. The space is all black and white with silver skulls (edgy!) scattered throughout.

Best things to eat and drink:

Grilled prawns (the big, fat ones with heads on) with spicy tomato relish and chive aioli Poached duck egg in a bowl, scattered with corn and little bits of chorizo (Everyone's a sucker for oozy yolk) Beef tartare, a little underseasoned, but with admirably hearty, large chunks of beef, topped with a raw quail egg and horseradish cream The Double Down cocktail: tequila, lime, cucumber slices and serrano chiles

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