The Falafel Shop's Falafel Sandwich, Our Cheap Eat of the Day

The Falafel Shop's Falafel Sandwich, Our Cheap Eat of the Day

Falafel sandwich from the Falafel Shop (127 Rivington, 212-466-1222), $5.95

This hefty package of falafel will leave you enough money for a little baklava -- or, if it's happy hour, a beer across the street.

While falafel is doled out on a number of street corners around the Big Apple, fiends swear by a handful of haunts when it comes to getting their chickpea patty fixes. The Lower East Side's Falafel Shop is a solid entrant in the category, not least because it peddles its vegetarian menu late into the night. Nothing on the menu climbs above $10 (unless you go crazy with the add-ons, we suppose), but the falafel sandwich is a particularly excellent value, even if you're not addicted to this Middle Eastern staple. The shop's falafel are on the smaller side -- lending more crisp shell to each bite -- and they're packed densely into a soft, warm pita and then gussied up with cucumber, tomatoes, and tart pickles, and doused with creamy tahini. At $5.95, you might have some spare change for the honey-soaked baklava. If it's happy hour, you could take yourself across the street to the Magician, where beers are $3.50 from 5 to 8 p.m.

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Restaurants open at a dizzying pace in New York City, and keeping up with what's hot takes some serious cash. If you -- like us -- need the occasional reprieve from a food-forward spending spree, you're likely always on the lookout for cheap eats of high quality. In this space each day, we'll highlight a tasty dish that rings in for less than $10, spotlighting places worth checking out when you'd like to get full while giving your wallet a break. Know of a great affordable bite? Email us.

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Falafel Shop

127 Rivington St.
New York, NY 10002

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