The Fastest-Growing Fast-Food Chains; Restaurants Happy It's Spring

Peter Chang, the cult Chinese chef, has once again disappeared from the restaurant that employed him, leaving "Changians" to search for him once more. A recent article by Calvin Trilling may have attracted too much attention to the chef, spurring him to flee. [New Yorker]

The annual Technomic Top 500 report has listed Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Tim Hortons, and Chipotle among the fastest-growing chains in the country. [Nation's Restaurant News]

Artisanal raw milk cheeses are disappearing from France. The French are still avid cheese eaters, but preferred cheese varieties are increasingly industrially produced. [AP]

Spring is bringing warmer weather, springtime ingredients like strawberries and asparagus, and increased consumer spending -- to the delight of restaurateurs. [Wall Street Journal]

Dim sum, once considered minor-league fare next to more elaborate Chinese dishes, is now being taken more seriously. [Wall Street Journal]

Jamie Oliver hopes that his show, Food Revolution, will "make people angry about the state of the American food system," and encourage them to change it. [NY Daily News]

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