The FDA Warns Food Corps Against Shady Health Claims; Italy to Ban Molecular Gastronomy

Vancouver-area restaurants cashed in during this Olympic season. The British Columbia Restaurant & Foodservices Association reports that restaurants in the downtown area -- a.k.a. "Olympic Zone" -- saw increases of 100 to 300 percent in sales throughout the games. [Nation's Restaurant News]

The FDA warned 16 food and drink makers against making certain product claims, including POM Wonderful for suggesting pomegranate drinks might slow prostate cancer. [Wall Street Journal]

Italy has moved to ban certain chemicals and techniques used in molecular cooking, which comes as little surprise considering it boasts so many E.U.-protected foods. [Guardian]

Nate Appleman gave a few more clues about what to expect from the forthcoming Pulino's: "We're cutting [the pizza] in a very unique way." [WWD]

Kirstie Alley has launched an organic weight loss program called Organic Liaison after ballooning back up to 228 lbs since dropping out as the Jenny Craig spokesperson. [CNN]

Weight Watchers has teamed up with McDonald's in New Zealand to promote three different meals that each add up to 6.5 Weight Watchers' points. [AFP]

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