The Finalists for the Vendy Rookie of the Year Award Are Here

Who ya calling a rookie, punk?
Who ya calling a rookie, punk?

Korilla BBQ may have been unceremoniously booted from The Great Food Truck Race, but its patrons could care less: they've made it one of the finalists for the Vendy Awards' Rookie of the Year prize.

Grub Street just posted the full line-up of nominees, which, in addition to Korilla, are Eddie's Pizza Truck, Sunrise Grill (Jamaican food), Eat Here Now Now Eat Here (Asian-accented tacos and burritos), Comme Ci Comma Ça (Moroccan/Mediterranean), and Taïm Mobile (falafel, Israeli food).

The Rookie Award debuted two years ago, and was won by Schnitzel & Things. Following their win, the truck's owners went on to open a storefront, as did the owners of Souvlaki GR, which won the award last year. We can only guess as to whether this year's winner harbors similar brick and mortar dreams; either way, the Vendy Awards will take place on Sept. 24.

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