The Finger Lakes Are the 'New Riesling Kingdom'; Miller and Coors Brewer Says Women Are Better Tasters

According to the French wine magazine La Vigne, the "new Riesling kingdom" is just a five-hour drive from Manhattan -- in the Finger Lakes. [NY Post]

A new study reveals that wine could be good for the eyes. Resveratrol can apparently stop blood vessels from being damaged, preventing macular degeneration. [Telegraph]

American pale ale, popular in the summer, is a variation on the British IPA, which uses zestier American hops. [NY Times]

SABMiller, which makes the Miller, Coors, Pilsner Urquell, Peroni, and Grolsch brands, looks to employees at all levels to act as tasters, and prefers to use women. [Wall Street Journal]

The Wine Century Club has only one membership requirement: You should have tried at least 100 different varieties of grape to join. [Wall Street Journal]

Importer Jose Pastor has revolutionized the Spanish wine market in the U.S. by bringing in wines from Spain that are made organically, biodynamically, and naturally. [NY Daily News]

The Legislature has once again rejected a proposed bill to allow grocery stores to sell wine, which is allegedly vehemently opposed by the state's liquor store owners. [NY Daily News]

Forget Bloody Marys. The original breakfast cocktails included eye-openers, fog-cutters, mustache-twisters, and corpse revivers. [Washington Post]

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