The Five Best Steakhouse Sides in NYC


Steaks are big business: Sparks, famous for its strip steak and even more famous for a certain mob hit, posts revenue in the multimillions. But because the best beef is already so expensive, steakhouses don't actually make much profit on the cuts they serve, especially when it comes to dry aged steaks, which shrink during the aging process. As a result, these musky meat temples hope diners will pad their bills with wine and, of course, side dishes. Potato hash and creamed spinach are steakhouse mainstays, but many establishments have updated their offerings in recent years to include things like seasonal produce and even additional steaks (that's right, steak as a side dish).

Here, to go with our list of the 10 best steakhouses in NYC, are our five favorite chophouse accompaniments.

The Five Best Steakhouse Sides in NYC

5. Mashed potatoes at Christos Steakhouse, (4108 23rd Avenue, Queens; 718-777-8400) Astoria steakhouse and butcher shop Christos takes a YOLO approach to mashed spuds, cleverly folding in atypical ingredient combinations like blue cheese and bacon, wild mushrooms, or cheddar, chorizo, and spicy chili oil. But our favorite of the bunch channels the restaurant's Greek heritage with smoked feta and parsley. The cream and smoke balance each other out, making for a smooth puree that could almost earn a spot on the restaurant's coveted mezze platter, along with other addictive dips like skordalia and taramosalata.

The Five Best Steakhouse Sides in NYC
The Strip House

4. Goose fat potatoes at The Strip House, (13 East 12th Street, 212-328-0000) Next to Peter Luger's German potatoes, these might be the most famous starchy steakhouse side in the city. Essentially a deep fried mound of chopped potatoes, they're exactly what you'd hope for, with a golden brown crust; a soft, seasoned interior; and just a hint of avian perfume from the bird fat. The audible crackle heard when a serving spoon splits open the burnished exterior elicits enough drooling to label this plate the gastronomic equivalent of Pavlov's bell.

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