The Great Pumpkin Shortage is Over; Ben & Jerry's No Longer 'All Natural'

The great canned pumpkin shortage of 2009-10 has ended. Nestle, which sells about 85 percent of the canned pumpkin in the U.S., said increased demand was to blame for the shortage. [Boston Herald]

As the FDA nears the approval of genetically modified salmon, questions over its safety have arisen -- in particular, whether it could be more allergenic than regular salmon. [Mother Jones]

Continental Airlines, the last holdout among major airlines to offer free meals, will begin charging for food on October 12. [USA Today]

In other allergy news, apparently the latest trend in bullying is to target kids with food allergies. A child in Pennsylvania was recently threatened with a peanut granola bar. [CNN]

Artisanal yogurts are all the rage. The success of thick Greek-style yogurt has led to French, Bulgarian, and even goat and buffalo varieties emerging. [Wall Street Journal]

Following complaints from a health advocacy group, Ben & Jerry's has agreed to drop the phrase "all natural" from all its labels. [Wall Street Journal]

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