The Holy Grail of Bourbon; Silly Cocktails

Buffalo Trace's Single Oak Project may be the Holy Grail of bourbons: It was aged in barrels made from 96 hand-selected trees. [Washington Post]

BAMA Vodka is donating all profits from its May and June sales to help victims of the storms that raged through Alabama in April. [Sacramento Bee]

Polish vodka seems to be making a comeback. Exports rose 6.5 percent in the first quarter. [Wall Street Journal]

More and more craft-beer brewers are launching "sessionable" beers: lower-alcohol brews that still pack some decent flavor. [AdAge]

Are cocktails such as Caffe Falai's $13 Firenze-Palermo -- made with squid ink, baby spinach leaves, vodka, Fernet Branca, ginger beer, and a touch of olive oil -- just silly? [NY Post]

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